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Online Gun Sales

The Shooting Store

The Shooting Store. Order direct from our wholesaler. It's easy just pick out the product you want, place order, make small down payment and finish the purchase in our store.  Simple!

Enter the Shooting Store here.

Store Hours

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Sunday:        11am to 4:30 pm
Monday:       10am to 6pm
Tuesday:       10am to 6pm
Wednesday: 10am to 6pm
Thursday:     10am to 6pm
Friday:          10am to 6pm
Saturday:      10am to 6pm

Closed: New Years day, Easter, Independance day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Transfer Fees

Single firearm transfer $20.00 Transfer fee + $10.00 State of Oregon background check fee =$30.00
$10.00 each additional pistol
$5.00 each additional rifle

No Credit Check Financing

ARC Financing

GunRunner Arms 

Now offers financing.

Just click on Arc90 logo to the left to find out more.

liberty Safe

Liberty Safe

GunRunner Arms is proud to be your local Liberty Safe dealer. An American made product for the security of the American gun owner.

Click on the safe to download the PDF catalog.

GunRunner Privacy Policy

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GunRunner Arms has NRA certified "Handgun Safety Classes" just check in store for times and availability.

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Bulk & sale ammo

On sale and bulk ammo too.



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