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 Come into GunRunner Arms on the day of our exclusive offers and use the sale password and get in on the Insider deal. Huge savings just for being a GunRunner Insider. We will update these offers frequently so come back often. Also visit us on Facebook to find these great deals.

5% Off Ammo Purchase

  Buy any five boxes of ammo of the same kind (excluding 22lr & magnum) and receive 5% off on the five boxes of ammo. Just say "case price" to get the deal.

All Vectan Powders

From Nobel Sports Vectan powders. High quality Vectan Sport powders are some of the cleanest burning gunpowder’s available. Come check it out and start working up some new loads using this versatile powder. 20% off just use the Phrase "Load Up".

Vectan Powders

Insider Special

Knife Cabinet


All on sale at 20% OFF
Just use the secret password "SHIV"


  • Clothing
  • sweat shirts

All apparel 20% off. Just use the phrase "Threads". Includes T-shirts, Hoodies, CC Vest, and Hats.

Insider Special

Nikon Scopes

All Monarch series scopes 20% off.
All Prostaffs and Buckmarks 10% off.
All Luepolds 15% off.
Just use the password "OPTICS" to receive this deal.
   Sale is for in stock scopes only so subject to stock on hand.


Liberty Safe National Classic

Liberty Safe
20% OFF

National Magnum
World Class Style and Security
National Security Magnum safes are a perfect blend of superior security and Old-West styling. We put all of our expertise into making these safes the finest in America. The finest features with unmatched elegance, the National Magnum is in a league of its own!


The best in fire protection. 131,000 BTUs and 2.5 Hour fire rating
Ultimate fire & heat protection (4 layers wall, 4 layers ceiling of 5/8" fireboard, 2 layers of 1/2" and 2 layers of 5/8" in door)
Palusol™ Heat Activated door seal expands to seal dooredge protecting contents from harm


NEW GX-480 gear drive mechanism is the best in its class to resist side punching, drilling or punching
UL™ Certified as a Residential Security Container (RSC) burglary classification
1.5" composite door makes it one of the toughest safes to pry in the industry
Ball bearing steel hardplate shatters drill bits defeating lock drill attacks
Triple relockers prevent entry from punch, drill & torch attacks
Defensive barrier of 26 active 1.5" diameter locking bolts surround all four sides of the door
Gear-drive off-set handle to drive thieves crazy
All National models include S&G's upgraded 6730 mechanical lock, which has the same +1.25 dialing tolerance, but has dual locking wheels (harder for numbers to slip when spinning the dial too fast and hard), and brass wheel centers for extended durability.


5-Spoke handle  24K gold.
New PREMIUM ACCESSORY DOOR PANEL to accomodate extra valuables on the door, including quick access to handguns!
All 40  safes come standard with our classy pull out jewelry drawer to better organize valuables.
We even include our best convection dehumidifier to help reduce moisture and protect valuables from damage.

Elegant external hinges provide for a wider door opening
4-in-1 Flex velour interior for long gun storage of up to 39 long guns, plus Liberty's PREMIUM ACCESSORY DOOR PANEL to hold all kinds of valuables on the door panel. It's a great way to make use of space. 
Clearview Wand Lighting system with auto on/off motion detector switch for easy viewing of valuables or documents
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

Was $6549.00 now with 20% Off $5239.

This is for our floor model only, so only one at this price. Safe in green with 24k gold hardware (as pictured). Available for immediate instore pickup. And here is the best part our insiders get an extra 5% by useing the password "LockUp".

Offer limited to stock on hand.

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