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Measure 114 news

End of firearms in Oregon

  Well it has come to pass measure 114 has passed and will be implemented even before the election is certified and will take affect on December 8th.

  Due to the fact that we are unable to release any firearm in less that three days, sales will have to cease December 4th.

How this affects GunRunner Arms

  Measure 114 shows blatant disregard for the United States Constitution 2nd Amendment. Basically the measure outlaws gun sales in Oregon on December 8th. After the 8th NO sales or transfers are allowed in Oregon as nobody not even law enforcement are authorized to purchase firearms.

  Unfortunately GunRunner Arms is a gun store that has to make money to survive like any other business. With the source of our income being outlawed we will not be able to stay open passed the first of the year.


In Closing

  The GunRunner Family wishes all our friends the best.

  It is with great sadness and regret that GunRunner Arms will be closing for good around the first of the year 2023.

  We wish to stay but the state of Oregon has and will make it impossible to do business here.         

  Because off 114 outlawing firearm sales GunRunner Arms will no longer be able to do what we do so well and that's taking care of our community's self defense and hunting needs.

  With crime rising really fast and that it could be years before you are allowed to purchase a firearm for self defense. Now is the time to get what you need because the idea of this whole bill is to outlaw firearms period. It has gotten over half way there with outlawing guns just in one bill.

  This law will eventually make it through the courts and if it comes before any judge that just happened to have read the Constitution before would throw it out. It is a shame that a measure can be put on the ballot that overrules constitutional law. In such cases these type laws should be ineligible to be put on the ballot due to it's illegality and unenforceability.

  Please forgive me if I sound bitter, as I think about how I spent years of 80 hour work weeks, the lost sleep, the worry, and just plain sacrifice that it took to build GunRunner Arms to have it just taken away without even 30 days notice. I had always planed that I could leave GunRunner Arms to my family and it would be able support itself and them for years to come. Now my business has no value and I must selloff the products below wholesale because we will not be able to stay open without being able to make sales, after all gun sales transfers become illegal December 8th.

  It is with a heavy heart we must say goodbye to all of you we consider our friends and family.

May god bless you all.


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