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Your Choice Of Firearm

Consequence Measure 114


 As soon as measure 114 goes into affect all gun sales and transfers cease in the state of Oregon.


 Someday in the future you may be able to take a class to obtain a license to get a permit to do a background check so that You can exercise a constitutional right. But only if we can get the Oregon State police to create some kind of class and licensing system with no funding to do so. 


 It has finally happened a few morons have outlawed the ability of Oregonians to obtain self defense for what is certain to be a very long time. (Same morons that have given you record violent crime)


 So the bottom line nobody can buy sell trade. Measure 114 Just put every gun shop out of business. No store can go the years it will take without any income to throw this garbage out, if it is possible.

 We will miss our friends that we have gotten to know so well over the years and we wish to take all of you with us when we go. 

 Above all we thank God for the opportunity to have gotten to know all of you and pray for everyone the best.

 Sorry but after the years of work and great personal sacrifice building GunRunner Arms to what it is today to be legislated out of business.


All that's left is

The sound of your life's being work destroyed

The GunRunner

Member NSSF 2022 The firearm Industry Trade Association

Items we carry

Pistol sights.                               

limited free installation available.

​AR rifle build room. AR 9,10,15.

​Rifle scopes with free mounting and bore sighting. Rings & mounts.

​Ammunition large selection of common and uncommon calibers.

​Targets Paper, Steel & Reactive.  

​Cleaning supplies lotions notions and potions.             Oregon’s largest holster selection.

​Huge Magazine selection, common and rare.

​Suppressors most popular brands.

​Safety devices.


​So much more in store for you at GunRunner Arms


"I like my U.S. Presidents like my calibers 40 & 45."


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