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Great basic rifle marksmanship
and training with the
M1 Garand

 I have used parts of this video when teaching for years but the whole video is a gem in shooting basics. Plus it is fun to learn with 'one of the greatest battle implements of all time.'

  The United States M1 Garand the iconic World War II battle rifle has always been mine and many millions of enthusiast favorite battle rifle. Tough accurate well designed, if you ever get the chance you must experience the thrill of the M1 Garand.

 The M1 Garand represented a leap forward in firearm design that revolutionized the modern infantryman. Rate of fire, Target re acquisition rate and reloading time were all greatly reduced with the M1. coupled with the knock down power of the .30-06 Springfield round the M1 ruled the battle field in small arms.

 So please enjoy parts 1-4.


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